Jens rennt für Kinder in Not, u.a. für Abdul und Mohamed

#jensrennt - Jens is running for ill kids

Running so that kids will also be able to run. With his own project #jensrennt endurance runner and DIAKOVERE employee Jens Wackerhagen is raising donations, so that kids from crisis areas all over the world can be operated. Please help - and make the miracle of being able to run possible for one child.

Jens in German television NDR DAS! (June 3rd, 2018)

Jens in German television RTL Nord (March, 9th, 2018)

#jensrennt: Jens runs - what is his motivation?

Jens Wackerhagen is an OP employee at DIAKOVERE Henriettenstift in Hanover, Germany. His own son is seven years old. He was just working in OP when some years ago children from Syria were brought in with shrapnel injuries. As his hobby is endurance racing, Jens had the idea for his project #jensrennt: "I just wanted to do something myself to help kids from crisis regions of the world."

With the donations Jens collected so far with his races and some support of DIAKOVERE Lukas Fonds already 14 children had been helped. And the number of kids shall increase!

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#jensrennt. Jens runs. But for whom? About the kids.

February 2018: Joao, five, and Laurindo, nine, both from Angola, were operated in DIAKOVERE Annastift hospital. The treatment continues until April. Both had been born with feet deformity, so called klumpet feet, which could not be treaded properly in their motherland. So children's fund Friedensdorf International conveyed both kids to DIAKOVERE Annastift hospital.

About two in 1,000 children are born with klumpet feet - also in Europe. But children born with this deformity here will be treated shortly after birth. Until they learn to walk, the treatment is completed. Untreated klumpet feet like Joao's and Laurindo's are extremely rare to see for the Orthopedists in Annastift hospital.

#jensrennt: the challenge!

To get Joao and Laurindo through surgery as soon as possible, Jens has been taking a very special challenge from January 13th to January 20th: Montane Spine Race, an iron hard Winter endurance race, 429 kilometers from England to Scotland. Blizzards, waist-high snow drifts, minus 20 degrees celsius. For Jens it was "the race of my life". And altough he was forced to drop out of the race only 10 kilometers before reaching the target because of medical problems, the race was a huge success for him and his project: "Thank you so much to everyone who was supporting me on Facebook during the race and donated for the kids!"

For Jens the race is not over yet. More kids are waiting for life changing surgery. From 23rd of June until 1st of July he started at Montane Spine Fusion Race. Route and distance are the same 429 kilometers from England to Scotland like in Winter. But this time he did it - with a fantastic third place. Congratulations, Jens!

And to "our" kids we wish all the best for their future!

Unfortunately those surgeries are expensive. Cost - about 15,000 € for each child - are covered by DIAKOVERE Lukas Fonds with donations. Donations will be exklusively used by DIAKOVERE Lukas Fonds. They enable us to get surgery for children from war and crisis regions in DIAKOVERE Annastift hospital. Please help! Every Euro is counting!

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